Monday, June 15, 2009

Important RJ Harris Updates

Dear Supporter of Liberty,

We have some very exciting updates to tell you. Firstly, this Friday June 19th is RJ’s money bomb. RJ will be featured on Restore the Republic Radio ( all day on Friday. We need you to call in to the station and explain why a donation for RJ is a good investment. So far dozens have volunteered to call in on Friday, but it’s still not enough. If you can, call in on Friday and express your devotion to help restore our constitution and republic. Additionally, for the next four days tell everyone you know about RJ. We ask you to find five of your friends, tell them about RJ, and ask them to make a donation on Friday. Secondly, RJ has been endorsed by Dr. Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh. You will hear more about these endorsements during the course of this week, and you can read Dr. Rand Paul’s endorsement at the bottom of this email. RJ has also released an endorsement for Dr. Rand Paul on our networks and the main website.

If this is the first you’ve heard of RJ’s money bomb make sure you check out the promotional video ( and .

Thirdly, this Tuesday RJ will be meeting up with the Liberty Rider ( at Oklahoma’s border. RJ will be riding with him for some distance and will help him pass out materials to sheriffs in every county. Next, we’ve launched our official Facebook Campaign County Groups. Each of the sixteen counties in the fourth district of Oklahoma will have an individual Facebook Group to help coordinate campaign activities in their respected county. We will be picking County Captains to lead these groups and the campaign in these counties. We cannot possibly knock on every door by ourselves, and we’ll need every County Captain to lead this charge. If you are interested in becoming a County Captain please send an email to Next, RJ will be on the “Wake up America” show with Kurt Wallace ( on Thursday June 18th, one day before RJ’s money bomb, immediately following Tom Woods at 9am central time.

Please find as many friends as you can and tell them about RJ and his money bomb on Friday. If you can find just five friends to donate we’ll send a grassroots message to the GOP establishment that they’ll never forget! Let’s show them that we mean business!!!

For Liberty,

Jonathan Gibbons
Campaign Manager
RJ Harris 2010

“I am pleased to enthusiastically endorse RJ Harris for Congress. I believe we stand on the precipice of a disaster. Our country is drowning in a sea of debt. Without significant change our country’s future is threatened. Bankruptcy comes in many forms; none of them pretty. Please do whatever you can to support RJ Harris for Congress.” Rand Paul

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