Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It’s Election Day! – Remember to Vote

It’s Election Day! – Remember to Vote

It has now been a year and a half since RJ Harris began his campaign. We’ve truly been a grassroots campaign and we’ve stuck to our guns, refused money from special interests, refused to waiver on constitutional positions, and we’ve reached thousands of voters with RJ’s message. We’ve also refused to resort to personal attacks or mudslinging; we’ve been running against Tom Cole the Representative, not Tom Cole the Man.

Going into the last two months of the campaign, we saw a tremendous increase in support and volunteer activity. The uprising of the constitutional conservative movement is alive and well as we saw quite clearly. There are so many people to thank that it’s easier to thank you all for everything you’ve done. There’s a spirit in the air that smells a lot like the founding fathers, and your committed efforts to this campaign and the cause of liberty will not go unrewarded in life or death. You are all true patriots of the old republic and friends of liberty; our founders would be proud.

This race is truly the story of the “underdog.” You have an entrenched career politician whose been an expert in political games for decades, who has more than half a million dollars, and who is in a position of incumbency with all the perks of free press, congressional-budget-paid mailers, and massive name recognition. Then you have RJ Harris, a 19yr veteran, former small business owner, OU Philosophy graduate and OU law student. RJ had zero name recognition, zero money, zero political experience, and zero help from the Republican Party (at least at first). So we began a campaign for RJ in January 2009, kicked up his web presence, worked up his positions on the issues, began attending every Republican Party event, Tea Party events, 912 Project events, and any other politically-related events we could find. RJ gave hundreds of speeches, met with thousands of voters, and gave a message of liberty that spread like wildfire among the grassroots.

This underdog story would then take another turn when the election crept closer and closer and we realized that our goal of reaching $100,000, which we calculated as being the necessary figure to fully disseminate our message, was beyond reach. But, having risen over $62,000 and with the help of passionate and motivated patriots canvassing their precincts and phone calling consistent voters, we overcame this set back. This isn’t all. Next, with all of the other cards stacked against us, we get word that RJ’s unit will be deployed for the Afghanistan surge and he’d be unavailable in the closing weeks of the campaign. Despite consultation that RJ should just “get out now,” we took a hard look at this race and the state of our country and said NO WAY! We’ve come too far and fought too long, the constituents of the 4th district deserve constitutional conservative representation and we will not sit back and watch as the incumbent continues to shred our constitution.

So here we are… it’s a true “David vs. Goliath” story and we are absolutely confident that we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do. While RJ is training for deployment today, preparing to fight for our liberty one more time, please remember to go out and vote for him so he can begin his next fight for our liberty in the U.S. Congress. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family to VOTE TODAY!

You can find your polling location here http://www.ok.gov/elections/ppl/index.php

The campaign will be holding a Watch Party at Earls Rib Palace (920 Southwest 25th Street, Moore - (405) 793-7427). RJ will be attending the Howard Houchen Watch Party and we will see him live via Skype video feed at the campaign Watch Party. We hope you will join us.


Jonathan Gibbons
Campaign Manager
RJ Harris 2010

Promo Videos:

The Final Countdown - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zicL3fUYxEk&feature=fvst
Just Three Months to go - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9ztpDz17MM

Sunday, July 25, 2010

RJ Harris the Pro-Life Vote

RJ Harris is an unadulterated pro-life constitutional conservative. As Harris’ position reads on his main website:

“The due process and equal protection provided by the fifth and fourteenth amendments to all persons, including unborn persons, makes abortion unconstitutional. Thus, I will support or propose legislation defining personhood as beginning at conception.”

RJ Harris goes into further details about his position at his extended position blogs here http://www.rjharris2010.com/life.asp

As RJ Harris states in his issue, he would like to support or propose legislation which would define personhood as beginning at conception. So it should be abundantly clear that RJ Harris is 100% pro-life.

So we know that RJ Harris is pro-life, but what about Tom Cole? Tom Cole claims that he is pro-life and points to his “100%” pro-life voting record from the National Right to Life Association (NRLA). What he doesn’t tell you is that the NRLA doesn’t investigate all legislation to find pro-choice votes. The NRLA, with all good intentions in mind, typically only looks into a representative’s vote on specific abortion legislation.

As many have learned through the Obama- Pelosi Congress, career politicians tend to include irrelevant items in thousand page bills. Why is this important? It’s because Tom Cole voted to give $288,283,000 for family planning projects in an $821.9 billion spending bill in 2005. These family planning projects include Planned Parenthood funding. The bill is HR 4818 and the section regarding this funding is Under Title II “Department of Health and Human Services”. “The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)” has already done extensive research into how Planned Parenthood gets its funding. You can read one of their articles here http://erlc.com/article/planned-parenthood-indictment-fuels-efforts-to-defund-abortion-providers/

So when we have all the facts it is abundantly clear that Tom Cole is not pro-life and indeed does support Planned Parenthood. There is an old saying that “one should follow the money trail to discover ones true loyalties,” well when one person gives another person money, such as in a government spending bill, donation or the like, it is a clear endorsement of their cause and what they do. Planned Parenthood “performed more than 264,000 abortions in 2005.” (ERLC) How can Tom Cole be pro-life when he has funded an organization that performs hundreds of thousands of abortions?

RJ Harris the Pro-Life Candidate
Tom Cole the Pro-Choice Candidate

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tom Cole Personally Attacks RJ Harris Through Okie Pundit?

Having completely defeated Cole on the issues, supporters of my opponent have decided to "dig for dirt" rather than win in the arena of ideas. Okie Pundit (OP), which openly supports Cole and has taken every opportunity to attack me personally, has now launched a new personal attack about my former name— Jason S. Barnes –and my status as a former resident of Arizona. As most of you already know my mother and father split up when I was very young and my mother settled in Arizona while my dad remained in Oklahoma; after traveling a bit due to being in the military. My mom took a new husband, had my name changed, and allowed my stepdad to adopt me. Later, I discovered what had been done…that I had been taken away from my real dad; my state and my tribe, the Kiowa, and I then took action to repair the damage thirty years in the making.

I am a native son of Oklahoma. My ancestors were both Boomer Sooners and Kiowa and neither my dad moving about due to his service in the military, nor my mother's action to allow the erasure of my heritage, changes that fact. I have a certificate of live birth from March AFB, where my dad was stationed at the time, which proves that my name change was a change BACK to the birth name taken from me by my step father. I also have a Certificate of Indian Blood from the BIA in Anadarko which establishes my native heritage, and I have my father, who is a card-carrying member of the Kiowa Nation and the physician at the Indian Health Services clinic in Carnegie OK for our tribe, who can personally vouch for my Oklahoma and Kiowa heritage. As the final act of my reclamation of that heritage, I have petitioned the State of California to release my adoption records and my sealed birth certificate so that I can finally and fully "come home." Having restored my name to that at my birth, it then became necessary for my wife and children to have their names changed as well. This is something Jennifer did with dignity and aplomb, and OP should be ashamed of itself for insinuating otherwise.

Growing up, I have lived back and forth between Arizona and Oklahoma and have always thought of them as my two homes. However, such was my horror upon discovering what had been done to me that I fixed everything about my recorded identity so as to restore that which had been taken from me, my dad, my tribe and my children. It is then absolutely despicable of OP to make an issue of such a massive personal tragedy over which I had no control of at the time it occurred.

It is not surprising at all that OP would try and make a connection between all of this and my failed Game Stores business— given their record of subpar reporting, analysis and research – except that I have never hid from that failure. I have openly stated on my Facebook page, as well as my biography on my main website, that my small chain of game stores did not survive the economic downturn of 2001 which was brought on by the attacks on 911. I included this, against advice from consultants, because I am proud of my attempt at achieving the American Dream of business ownership even if that venture did not turn out as successful as I had hoped. Of course OP wants you all to think that businesses failing are extraordinary occurrences when those of us that have had to sign a pay roll check and risk our entire personal fortunes on our small businesses know that it is a fact that businesses fail; even good ones.

Additionally, my personal Facebook page has my old name in parenthesis next to my original name so that my old classmates and Army buddies can find me on Facebook if they are looking for me, which is more proof that I am NOT hiding from any past, as OP claims, but am in fact reestablishing my birthright as RJ Harris just as I assert here.

Even worse of OP is its claim that I received some kind of bailout when the fact is that we repaid all of our vendors AND our tax debts. The biggest debts that were discharged, and the only reasons I had to file in the first place, were the un-paid leases on the business properties. The owners of those properties had those returned to them in good order and they were re-leased shortly thereafter.

One of the greatest things about the United States, and our capitalist system, is the opportunity for common people like me to work hard, take risks and rebound after a failure. This is nothing to hide from and nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, politicians like Cole would rather manipulate the system and bailout companies with public money than allow for the healthy restructuring that I and many other small business owners have had to go through. The re-allocation of capital through bankruptcy is a central piece of a free-market economy. Yes my business failed, yes I have had financial difficulties chasing my dreams just as have millions of other American entrepreneurs…but I never asked for or received any bailout. I took my lumps along with the rest and now I am happy to be fighting to restore our federalist system which will halt governmental manipulations of the markets and make it easier and more profitable for other small business owners to stay in business and for those who want to take their shot in the arena to do so.

The biggest thing to take away from all this ugliness is that we must really have Cole on the ropes if his supporters at OP are willing to make such vicious and personal attacks even before having all their facts in order. However, don’t expect Cole to distance himself from any of this as it is highly likely that it came from him to begin with. Isn't it tiring watching politicians trying to hold onto power by personally attacking their opponents rather than defeating them through honest debate?

Patriots, this is where the steel meets the steel and Liberty hangs in the balance. Will you fall for these same old tricks or will you show OP and Cole that you want your Liberty back and that you are ready to vote for a real Liberty Candidate to make that happen? The Spirit of the Founders is counting on you to choose in the affirmative.


RJ Harris

PS: My deepest apologies to my mother for having to air our family laundry in public like this. It should be noted that I have forgiven her for her role in all this and we are happily reconciled.

PSS: I encourage you all to think very carefully about voting for a man who would attempt to personally destroy a decorated veteran and esteemed son of our state JUST so he can hold on to the last vestiges of his power.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


12pm Wednesday (July 21) – 11pm Friday (July 23)

Time is zeroing in on the election to send Constitutional Conservative Republican, RJ Harris, to the U.S. Congress to represent the people of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional district. There is less than one week left and RJ needs just $2,000 to complete his message dissemination to the Republican voters of Oklahoma’s 4th district.

We ask of all of you to make just one more small sacrifice to help send RJ Harris to D.C. Harris’s incumbent and Liberal Republican Opponent, Tom Cole, has launched a series of television and radio advertisements to try and trick the constituents of the 4th district into thinking that he is a Constitutional Conservative who listens to the people. All around the district there are grassroots organizers and supporters canvassing and spreading RJ’s message loud and clear. Every single voter who hears the message turns in favor of RJ Harris. The message is winning, and the people are waking up to the truth about their current Representative. RJ needs to complete this delivery to combat Tom Cole’s misinformation and to ensure a strong victory on July 27th.

We ask of you again to help us raise just that $2,000 to help finish RJ’s message dissemination over the airwaves and the like, so that we can send one more Constitutional Conservative Republican to U.S. Congress.

Please make your most generous donation at www.rjharris2010.com . This fundraiser will last from 12pm on Wednesday July 21 until 11pm on Friday July 23. It is absolutely critical that RJ receives this last $2,000 to ensure complete message delivery.

Let’s do it for Liberty – the RJ Harris Finale Fundraiser! Finale Promo Video

RJ Harris has received the endorsements of the following Liberty Candidates:

John Dennis Watch Video
Debra Medina Watch Video
Howard Houchen Watch Video

An advertisement RJ Harris will be airing to the Republican Voters of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District Watch Video .

Friday, July 16, 2010

RJ Harris Releases New Ad Exposing His Liberal Opponents Voting Record

RJ Harris, challenger to Incumbent Tom Cole, has released a new advertisement which exposes three of the major socialist-liberal votes cast by "Republican" Tom Cole.

The RJ Harris 2010 campaign has released a brand new advertisement which emphasizes Tom Cole's liberal voting record. The advertisement also concludes with emphasis on why Oklahoma Republicans should vote for RJ Harris. The three liberal votes by Tom Cole that are pointed out are his vote for the $700 Billion Bank Bailout, his vote for Nancy Pelosi's 2008 Stimulus, and his vote for a $821.1 Billion Spending bill in 2005 which funded Planned Parenthood.

It is re-emphasized that RJ Harris is a Constitutional Conservative Republican, a Champion of the Republic, a Defender of the Constitution, and a staunch ally of Individual Liberty and State Sovereignty.

The video version of the advertisement can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOXPhWSGh6w . Audio versions of the advertisement have been released to various outlets.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Fellow Patriots,

I wanted you to see an email that was sent out by Tom Cole’s campaign just today:


It's easy to be part of Election Day victory!

• Will you help us get the message out about Tom?

Television advertising is a critical part of our victory plan, and we need your help to keep this ad on the air!

Can we count on your support today? Your contribution of $25, $50, $75, or $100 will help us keep this ad up and spread the word about Tom.

Please help us keep our television ad on the air.

• We need help spreading the word door-to-door this Saturday morning!

“Walk to Win” starts at 9:00 a.m. – we meet at our campaign headquarters (220 East Main St. in downtown Norman, click here to see a map showing the headquarters).

We go in teams of two to drop literature and talk with folks about Tom’s campaign – it’s easy to do and lots of fun. We’ll provide the donuts, coffee, and Team Cole t-shirts. And of course bring all the friends and family you can – the more, the merrier!

Will you “Walk to Win” this Saturday? Call us at 405-360-5550 or e-mail clayton@tomcoleforcongress.com

• Do you still need a yard sign or bumper sticker?

You can stop by our campaign headquarters located at 220 East Main St. in downtown Norman – or – e-mail clayton@tomcoleforcongress.com and a campaign volunteer will deliver to your home or place of business!
• Thank you for all you’ve done to help our campaign. Our yard signs, door knocking, and phone calls are moving us closer to victory. With only two weeks to go before the primary, we need your help now to make sure we finish strong on election night!

Onward to victory,

Team Cole


Are we to believe that, at this late stage, Cole has blown through his entire war chest and needs immediate contributions to keep his TV ads going….YES! Cole is a fiscal liberal and he has run his campaign out of money spreading disinformation about his actual record which despite his claims of being conservative includes voting for bailouts, Pelosi’s stimulus package and to give your money to Planned Parenthood.


RJ Harris

It is absolutely crucial that we continue to get the message out via telephone and door knocking. Tom Cole has launched a series of T.V., Radio, and Newspaper Ads to try and defeat RJ. This tells us that Cole is scared and is blowing it all on this final “hail mary.” But we still have dozens of tricks up our sleeves that will be coming Cole’s way over the next week and a half, but we need your ground support to blast him out of the water.

Please, if you have any free time this Saturday, or any day going forward until the 27th, come to the HQ at 1721 W. Boyd St. in Norman and volunteer your time. We are holding a “Walk to Save the Republic” event starting at 9:00am on Saturday to combat Cole’s “Walk to Save Big Government Progressivism” event. Let’s show Cole just how much support we have… and that paid staff walking the district in no way compares to what motivated and passionate patriots can do when fighting for their liberty!

HQ’s - 1721 W. Boyd St. in Norman


In Liberty,

Jonathan R. Gibbons
RJ Harris 2010 OK Dist. 4
Campaign Manager
Web Director
(405) 881-0951

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liberal Tom Cole's Constitutional Conservative Opponent

Tom Cole has been labeled a liberal do to his liberal voting record. Recently he has sent out a series of advertisements on television and radio calling for there to be less spending, and a congress that listens to the people. Well Representative Cole didn't listen to the people when they asked for him to vote against TARP, or when they said that they do not want funds to go to the number one provider of abortions in the U.S., Planned Parenthood. So why should we believe that Tom Cole is sincere? We shouldn’t!

Tom Cole has a true conservative opponent who will act on the "promises" that Tom Cole continues to tout, but fails to follow through with. RJ Harris is a constitutional conservative republican and he WILL fight for our individual liberty and state sovereignty. On July 27th the vote is clear:

Tom Cole – More of the Same Big Government Progressivism
RJ Harris – Constitutional Conservative Representation with Transparency

Nancy Pelosi Challenger, John Dennis, Endorses Tom Cole's Opponent RJ Harris

“RJ is a unique candidate in the Republican Liberty Movement in that he is a serviceman, he has done two tours of duty in Iraq, he is currently being called up again, and he actually understands what it means to put your life on the line to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.” John Dennis, Republican Challenger to Nancy Pelosi

You may watch John Dennis’ endorsement on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKkNby7nYdI

RJ Harris has provided an endorsement for John Dennis as well.

"I am pleased to announce my endorsement for fellow Liberty Candidate and Constitutional Conservative Republican John Dennis against Democrat bailout voter Nancy Pelosi for California's 8th U.S. Congressional District. John has proven his commitment to restoring the Constitution and the Republic, and it will be my honor to serve in Congress beside him. Together, and with the help of other Liberty Candidates who are currently winning their own elections around the nation, we will build a caucus to take on the big spenders in both parties, fight the current progressive-socialist agenda and restore constitutional governance to our Republic."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Debra Medina on behalf of RJ Harris - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awv2HCjVALg

Howard Houchen Endorses RJ Harris - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkVx-XmmmJo

Friday, July 9, 2010

Debra Medina will speak on behalf of RJ Harris

Former Candidate for Texas Governor, Debra Medina, will speak for RJ Harris on Saturday, July 10

Former GOP primary candidate for Texas Governor, Debra Medina, will be making a guest speaking appearance for RJ Harris at Saturday’s “Meet Your Candidates” event. The event will be held at the Great Plains Technology Center, Bldg 100 (4500 SW Lee Blvd. Lawton, Oklahoma) from 10A.M. – 2P.M. this Saturday, July 10. RJ Harris has provided the following comment about the event.

“It is quite an honor to have a liberty candidate of Debra’s stature come to Oklahoma to speak on my behalf, while I am away training for my upcoming Afghanistan Deployment.”

Debra Medina has been described as a self-made businesswoman and nurse who learned self-reliance early on a South Texas ranch. Debra has dedicated a considerable amount of her adult life to the pursuit of public policy that promotes limited government and the protection of the freedoms and prosperity envisioned by our nation's founders. Most recently, Debra ran as a candidate for governor in the Texas Republican Primary. She manages a healthcare consulting firm and serves as the chairman of We Texans, promoting public policy and legislation that advances and protects private property, personal and economic liberty, and the legitimate role of the states and their citizens within the framework of constitutional government. Debra stands in strong support of RJ Harris as the next U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma's 4th district. While she's a strong advocate of state sovereignty, she also understands the extreme importance of electing Congressmen who will weigh every decision according to the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tom Cole - a democrat in disguise?

Tom Cole voted for the 700,000,000,000 Bailout Vote

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 3997 http://www.votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?cs_id=22428&can_id=46034

Tom Cole voted to give Taxpayers Money to Planned Parenthood

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 4818 http://www.votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?cs_id=8197&can_id=46034

This was part of an $821.9 billion spending bill; even higher than TARP! Under Title II – “Department of Health and Human Services” this bill provided $288,283,000 for family planning projects which funded Planned Parenthood. Tom Cole claims to be pro-life but how can he be pro-life if he has voted to fund Planned Parenthood? This bill, enacted in 2005, the same year that Planned Parenthood performed more than 264,000 abortions (The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission), was clearly a great friend of the democrats and pro-choice advocacy groups. Read the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commissions article on this bill for more information http://erlc.com/article/planned-parenthood-indictment-fuels-efforts-to-defund-abortion-providers/

Tom Cole voted for the Nancy Pelosi Sponsored Stimulus Package

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 5140 http://www.votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?cs_id=16935&can_id=46034

This was not only a spending bill, but it also perpetuated the coming mortgage crisis in the fall of 2008 by increasing mortgage limits for federal lenders (i.e. granted more credit for subprime borrowers). This bill was fully sponsored and co-sponsored by Democrats.

Tom Cole supports Federal Intrusion into Oklahoma’s Education – Support for Jimmy Carter’s “Dept. of Ed”

“I’d like to see No Child Left Behind get re-authorized. Many people are critical of it. But it’s been broadly successful. Test scores are up,” Tom Cole. This quote can be found here http://duncanbanner.com/local/x2138916023/07-political-reflections

HR 1388 – OBAMA’s GIVE ACT - http://www.votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?cs_id=24251
Another bill sponsored and co-sponsored completely by Democrats.


It is clear from studying just the few votes above, that Tom Cole is only a Republican in name and behaves as a Democrat. In fact, it is clear that Tom Cole has been a staunch ally to the Democrats since beginning his service in 2003. It only gets worse when you analyze Tom Cole’s financial sources http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?cycle=2010&cid=N00025726&type=I

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama's War in Afghanistan?

Challenger to Tom Cole, a 19yr Veteran— who has been activated for the Afghanistan Surge – RJ Harris, has issued the following response to Cole’s call for Steele’s resignation and Cole’s support for Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy.

“We should not be surprised when Tom Cole, one of the Democrat's staunchest allies in the Congress, comes to Obama's aid as the President's inability to perform as Commander-in-Chief is called into question by GOP Chair Michael Steele. Clearly, the Chairman's comments have been taken out of context by the Left and its liberal/progressive allies in the GOP, to deflect from their collective lack of foreign policy leadership over the last decade. Putting conventional forces directly in harm’s way and making them easy targets for terrorists, who can now walk-to-work rather than expose themselves, has NOT made the Republic safer and has in-fact stretched the military, and the Republic's, limited resources past the breaking point. In all things, elected officials need to be good stewards of the people's resources; Chairman Steele was right to point out that what is going on in Afghanistan today is a giant example of Obama's waste of our blood and treasure due to political inexperience and lack of effective leadership. Of course, having voted for bailouts, stimulus and funding for Planned Parenthood, Tom Cole would know a thing or ‘three’ about government waste.”

RJ Harris has written extensively on constitutional foreign policy, the War on Terror, and the Battle in Afghanistan. Harris’s blog “What Would General George Washington do in Afghanistan; Lose the Battle, Win the War?” more fully addresses this issue and was published well before this current grandstanding attempt by Tom Cole. You can read this blog here http://www.rjharris2010.com/whatwouldwashingtondo.asp.