Friday, June 12, 2009

One week until the money bomb

One week from today, grassroots supporters will send a clear message to Oklahoma's 4th congressional district. The days of claiming the mantle of fiscal responsibility, while voting for more spending, more borrowing, and more money printing are coming to an end.

RJ Harris won't just claim to be a fiscal conservative, he'll actually vote like one.. His opponent in the 2010 Republican Primary, incumbent Tom Cole, voted for George W. Bush's policies close to 100% of the time. Yet, Bush's administration never balanced the budget, doubled the national debt, devalued the US Dollar, and supported the $700 billion Wall St. bailout. Recently, in early 2008, Tom Cole voted for the Bush stimulus package, which increased the budget deficit, added more debt, and failed to prevent a severe recession. Then, in late 2008, Tom Cole voted for both versions of the infamous $700 billion bank bailout, sponsored by the Bush administration.

As an Iraq war veteran who served two combat tours, RJ Harris knows what it's like to "walk the walk". He will not tolerate unbalanced budgets, more debt, inflation caused by a weak Dollar, or the abandonment of free market capitalism to rescue Wall St. failures.

RJ Harris is truly a breath of fresh air the people of Oklahoma and this nation so desperately desire. The people are tired of so-called fiscal conservatives who vote for bailouts and reckless spending. On Friday, June 19, the grassroots will fire the first shot across the bow when it donates in mass to the RJ Harris money bomb. The Establishment will be put on notice. RJ Harris, a real soldier and genuine fiscal conservative, means business.

Ryan Jaroncyk
Press Secretary
RJ Harris 2010

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