Sunday, December 13, 2009

WAKE UP AMERICA; it’s time to fight for Liberty!

Originally Posted on April 28, 2009 by RJ Harris

Unprecedented in our nations recent history, the silent liberty loving majority has begun to wake up to the “long train of abuses” being perpetrated against them by the current ruling classes. Unfortunately, many in the leadership of the many grass-roots organizations attempting to marshal the awaking body politic have asserted that they should not be politically active nor partisan- motivated. God love the Birchers, but for the last 50+ years they have attempted that exact same non-political, educational effort to no avail…for here we are watching as the Congress and the White House rip our Constitution to shreds, destroying our Republic in the process, while we stand by being non-political and non-partisan. What have the current incumbent bailout voters to fear so long as we remain non-political? They can simply wait out this current gale of anger from us and then go back to their nefarious ways when we go back to sleep. The only thing they understand, like so many tyrants before them, is political force. When we start replacing them with Constitutional Conservatives, in large numbers, THEN we will certainly have their attention.

So how do we keep these new patriots awake and in the fight? I guarantee you it’s not through being non-political and merely an educational movement. People do not stay up all night making signs to hang from freeway overpasses nor post blogs all over the net for “educational” efforts. They do not give money in record amounts, like they did for Ron Paul, for efforts that will not result in real change. They do not get back involved in their parties to rid them of the socialists (Democrats) and corporatists (Republicans) that have taken them over by staying neutral. And they do not march in the streets with the same fire and righteous anger as they did on April 15th 2009 when they are repeatedly told that their fight is going to be non-political, neutral and therefore irrelevant. However, we will do and have done all of those things for Constitutional Conservative Candidates that we KNOW will stand up and fight for US!

My fellow Americans and Oklahomans, there are Constitutional Conservative Candidates stepping forward to fight for us all over this country and they have the establishment in both major parties running scared. As a result you can bet that they will not get any financial aid or volunteer support from their respective party establishments. Furthermore, real Constitutional Conservative Candidates will refuse to solicit money from lobbyists or party officials known to be supporting bailout voters. Thus, as much as the Constitutional Conservatives are riding to our aid, we must ride to theirs and support them with donations and volunteerism.

Socialism and Corporatism are taking over our government, our Republic is failing, the Constitution is being ignored and the American birthright of freedom is being sold out by the very people sworn to protect it. The time for neutrality and sunshine patriotism is over. It’s time to fight with your activism and your money and your votes; or watch your country die. It’s time to hold the representatives we elected accountable by replacing them with Constitutional Conservative Candidates from within our ranks. It is time to WAKE UP, and fight for liberty!

The consequences of continued non-political efforts and neutrality are too heinous to even consider. But consider them we must. When the Roman Republic fell to imperialism from within itself, the western world did not know freedom again until 1776. For 1700+ years’ freedom and individual liberties were ignored by the great western powers of the world. If we let freedom and liberty fail on our watch, how long will it be, how many generations will pass, before the next George Washington or Thomas Jefferson are born?

We must fight now or freedom will fail and our children will wake up slaves in the land our fathers founded. FOR LIBERTY!


RJ Harris
Norman, OK
OK Dist4 Congressional Candidate
Constitutional Conservative Republican

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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  1. Plaintiffs' lawyers impede economic recovery
    Dear Mr. Harris,

    I am an Alabama resident.

    I think plaintiffs' lawyers impede the country's economic recovery. I also think they undermine business ethics. They particularly stand in the way of sensible medical malpractice reform as a way to lower the nation's health care costs.

    I have a blog How To Combat Plaintiffs' Lawyers where I record my efforts to communicate with lawmakers, judges, attorney generals and academics, among others, about how I believe plaintiffs' lawyers ill serve societal interests.

    I receive no remuneration for any of my activities. I am not a member of any tort reform organization, chamber of commerce, or any other organization that has an interest in opposing plaintiffs' lawyers.

    Congress is debating more stimulus, health care reform, and other governmental action to get our nation's economy back on track, and the country is moving toward the 2010 elections that will be a referendum on how the current Congress performs about these important domestic issues.

    I hope you, as a United States Senator or Representative, or as a candidate for the Senate or the House of Representatives, will look at the contribution the plaintiffs' lawyers make to the country's economic difficulties and will consider, advocate and propose legislative action to lessen the problem of the plaintiffs' lawyers.

    Thank you.

    Robert Shattuck