Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicking off the New Year

Dear Patriots,

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has helped this campaign move forward throughout 2009 and wish you all a very Happy New Year. Without your dedication and support we would not be polling in at 31% with our opponent falling below 50%. RJ is within striking distance of defeating Tom Cole! Our message is resonating. Our trouble is not winning over the voters, but getting the message out to them. With just over $30,000 we’ve accomplished what many have called the impossible. Your money has been put to good work!

Throughout the past month we’ve engaged in some reorganization and major planning for the New Year. Some of you may have already noticed various changes on our website. We’ve designed three new websites and updated our main website. Additionally, now you can get active in debate and discussion on the RJ Harris Forums at

Many have asked for yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, banners, flyers, etc., so we’ve revamped our campaign store at . Now you can get all of the campaign materials you could ever hope for, even bowls for your dog! We encourage everyone in the district to purchase a yard sign and get it out on your front yard ASAP.

Three new websites: We’ve created a companion website for the campaign. encapsulates many of the various suggestions and requests of several thousand persons that we’ve met in person and spoken to through the web. We hope this website will consolidate many of the key characteristics of RJ Harris and his candidacy. We’ve condensed the ever-growing material into more of a “brochure-like” presentation for voters just getting to know RJ. We’ve created a dedicated website to explain the differences between RJ Harris and Tom Cole. Many have asked for this and there were so many differences that we felt it deserved its own home on the web. Many of you may be familiar with this website already. The great patriots over at retake congress used this to put on a money bomb for us several months ago. We’ve since upgraded the site and added our latest money bomb, on January 15th.

We hope the above websites will help to grab more visitors’ attention and improve our overall internet campaign which has been crucial to our success.

Moving forward in our campaign to defeat corporatism, fiscal liberalism, and unconstitutional legislations, we are holding our biggest Money Bomb yet. On January 15th, we’ll be holding a money bomb to raise $250,000 to get us through the rest of the campaign. We are in need of a publicly visible campaign HQ’s to reach out to more voters and raise more money in the district. We have a great place picked out but need your help to secure it as our HQ’s. Please mark the date January 15th on your calendar and spread the word to everyone you know. The victory of this campaign is dependent on your continued support and financial help. As was already stated, the issue isn’t whether or not our message can win, but whether or not we are able to get it out to enough voters. is the central hub for this upcoming Money Bomb.

For Liberty,

Jonathan Gibbons
Campaign Manager
Web Director
RJ Harris 2010

“Socialism and Corporatism are taking over our government, our Republic is failing, the Constitution is being ignored and the American birthright of freedom is being sold out by the very people sworn to protect it. The time for neutrality and sunshine patriotism is over. It’s time to fight with your activism and your money and your votes; or watch your country die. It’s time to hold the representatives we elected accountable by replacing them with Constitutional Conservative Candidates from within our ranks. It is time to WAKE UP, and fight for liberty!” RJ Harris

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