Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foreign Policy (please read National Defense before reading this)

The United States should be prepared to respond decisively against any Sovereign that would dare to attack even a single US Citizen or his/her property. However, we can limit our exposure to such aggression by ending our illegal and un-affordable empire and returning our Army and Militia back to the United States. Once so returned, attacks by foreign sovereigns against our Navy, Embassies, Territories, Citizens, or their property are acts of war and should be dealt with as such. All US Government sponsored foreign aid should end IMMEDIATELY; save for reparations the United States may be legally or morally obligated to pay. Foreign disaster relief should be funded by private donations used to pay for the expenses of the Navy/Air Guard Air Lift in conducting such humanitarian operations.

A foreign Sovereign that kills or has a hand in killing even a single American has committed an act of war upon us all. A foreign Sovereign that confiscates or damages the property of even one of us, or our government, has also committed an act of war against us all. Such actions should be dealt with decisively. Lesser resolve would invite rogue nations to engage us at their leisure. When war is forced upon us, then it should be declared and the raising and deployment of our Army and Air Force (from the National Guard) would be just and Constitutional.

However, I agree with Ron Paul completely that we are policing an un-constitutional and illegal empire around the world. I agree with him that we are paying for bases around the world that we should not even have and cannot afford. I agree with him that our Army and Militia should immediately be returned to us. And, I agree that our military is being operated well outside its constitutional limitations. I only disagree with him in that, when we are attacked, regardless of where it is, and regardless of whether or not our soldiers should have been in the region, we have the full right to respond…well beyond in kind. Of course, there is much wisdom in his argument that if we did not have this illegal empire then we would not be the target of many attacks.

Lastly, the Constitution does not allow the Congress to spend taxpayer money on emergency foreign humanitarian aid. Such expenditures have nothing to do with providing for the common Defense or the general Welfare. However, the American People are very generous and if they were allowed to keep more of their income, because it was not being forcibly taken from them through over taxation, then they could donate—even more than they already do—to efforts that would reimburse the United States for the use of its hardware and supplies on humanitarian missions around the world. By way of this donation method, the people of the United States could then sanction the use of the Navy/Air Guard Air Lift for humanitarian aid or refuse to do so. If the donations were not available then no aid would be provided. Comparatively, taxes should only ever be raised for the "common defense" because taxes are compulsory. Compulsory donation is not aid, it is theft.


RJ Harris
Norman, OK
Oklahoma Fourth District
Constitutional Conservative Republican

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