Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How much more of our freedom will die before you will do more than just talk?

Orginally Posted April 1st, 2009

Today our President saw fit to fire the CEO of a major publicly traded U.S. corporation. Such power usually resides only in the hands of a company’s stockholders or a fascist government. And what of GM’s stockholders, have they no say in who will run their company?

The President believes that he has this power because GM accepted our bailout money. But then again so has the State of Oklahoma…are we to be next? Has your state accepted the Federal Government's bailout money as well? When our Governors or legislatures refuses to toe- the-line of the President’s plans are they to be so easily “asked” to step down as well? In the last six months, we have watched our congress vote for socialism and involuntary servitude. We have watched them pass ex post facto laws and bills of attainder, both of which are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. Now we have watched our President usurp the legitimate voice of stockholders like you and take us on the first steps to fascism while targeting private citizens for speaking out against these tyrannies.

What other liberties will you allow them to take before you answer my call to come out and defend yourselves? Our republic is on its deathbed and the President and the Congress are ripping our constitution apart and the freedom handed down to us by our ancestors is about to fail. We have but one chance to avert this disaster…we must reseat a new Congress filled with Constitutional Conservatives, regardless of party, in 2010 and 2012.

It will take our combined resources to get this message out on every media outlet that will carry it. It will take your donations to overcome the entrenched incumbents and their lobbyist money to get Constitutional Conservatives elected in this next cycle. Your freedom must be defended with your money and your blood and with your lives if necessary. But I will not ask of you that which I will not give. Therefore, I will take the last of my campaign seed money and buy ads on the radio to inform as many Oklahomans as possible about this plan to retake our congress and restore our republic. If we don’t fight back now we will wake up slaves in the land our fathers settled.

Please donate what you can to this effort now, before the cause of freedom asks more from you than just money.


RJ Harris
Norman, OK
Oklahoma Fourth District
Constitutional Conservative Republican

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