Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life, Abortion

I am against all forms of abortion save to protect the life and health of the mother.

I have often wondered, ‘how could our founders have ever countenanced slavery’? I believe that the same question will be asked about us by some future generation as it applies to abortion. A slave named Dred Scott brought the first Supreme Court challenge against the practice of slavery. However, Chief Justice Marshall, writing for the majority, denied Scott his day in court by holding that Scott was not a person. Many Southern Apologists used the same argument quite often to justify the ownership and degradation of persons based solely on their race. Tyrants and despots have often justified the genocide of their enemies by convincing their soldiers and their populations of the un-humanity of their victims. Today, supporters of abortion refuse to recognize the humanity or personhood of the unborn and insist upon referring to these children as “fetuses.” There seems to be a pattern here in this behavior and I respond to it with this analogy. If NASA found a sealed jar on Mars tomorrow, that contained a Human Embryo, it would not just announce that it had discovered life on Mars, but that it had discovered Human life on Mars. The question then becomes, ‘when does that human life become a person for Constitutional purposes’?

Theologically, many from the Judeo-Christian faith would argue that immortal life for Adam began when God imparted into him the “Breath of Life.” Scientifically, there is a moment in the development of the child, which is analogous to that moment for Adam, and that moment is referred to by scientists as the quickening. The quickening occurs when the baby begins to move about in the womb on his/her own accord. This activity signals the activation of a brain and functioning nervous system. I personally believe that this is the moment a human life becomes a person; however, I could be wrong. Rather than be responsible for the murder of millions if I was, I cannot therefore countenance abortion of any kind save those that must be performed to save the life of the mother…and even then, the mother may chose to die that her child might live.

Civilized human beings need to understand that when they engage in sexual activity they might produce children. Yes indeed, there may be extenuating circumstances where the woman was raped and forcing her to have the child seems rather cold to almost everyone…save the innocent life about to be killed. Our society, through its Constitution and other founding documents, establishes the fundamental Right to Life. The Declaration of Independence refers to this right as inalienable and endowed by the Creator. The Constitution requires that no person be denied this right except by due process of law. What then is the unborn child guilty of to justify the use of any process to deprive him/her of it?

The Supreme Court has found among the totality of the Constitution, and the Ninth Amendment, the fundamental right to privacy, and within that right, they have found the right to abortion. Herein lays the real conflict of our age, the inalienable and enumerated, fundamental right to life of the unborn vs. the un-enumerated and insinuated fundamental right to an abortion by the usually negligent and sometimes unfortunate. If the only children we allowed to be disposed of where those conceived by rape or incest, the Creator, Karma, Fate, and the Universe may just forgive our murders. Sadly, we all know that the lions-share of these exposures are committed in the name of convenience and not sympathy.

After giving up a profitable Career in the Federal Aviation Administration to complete my undergraduate and legal degrees, my wife accidentally became pregnant…with twins and we were already supporting three children. (We did not know it was twins when the home test first came back positive.) I had uprooted my family and moved “mountains” to accommodate these goals and for the briefest of moments the question was barely given breath, ‘what should we do.’ I said to my wife that I would give up my law school dreams and return to the FAA, but I would not be able to live with either of us if we allowed ourselves a quite little murder for convenience. When I said this out-loud, the Destroyer’s lie was exposed and my wife realized there was but one true option and we chose life. We found a way to make room for two more little miracles and I am still in Law School. My friends…don’t believe the lies of the moment and convince yourselves that it is ever “okay” to kill your children.


RJ Harris
Norman, OK
Oklahoma Fourth District
Constitutional Conservative Republican

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