Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 Project and the First 912 Candidate

The 9/12 Project and the 9/12 Candidates answering the call.


Sep 12, 2009 – -- Oklahoma -- As Glenn Beck and the 912 movement march on Washington today, the answers that they are looking for have all ready been put into place. Across the country there are candidates standing up calling themselves 912 candidates.

RJ Harris was the first 912 candidate in the nation. He full heartedly agreed to sign the contract and submit to the principles and values articulated by Glenn Beck and the 912 Project. Today as thousands march on D.C., and millions watch around the world, Mr. Harris is preparing for the biggest battle of our generation. The battle to restore our constitution, republic, and the 9 principles and 12 values of the 912 project is among us.

Harris believes that we can win this battle through peaceful, yet strongly motivated, activism and charge to take back our Congress!

In the midst of bailouts, socialism, GIVE acts, continued involvement into our personal lives, and the expansion of the Federal Government, there are individuals and large bodies of activists coming together for the cause of Freedom. Harris has the integrity and leadership—being a Sgt. And leader of two platoons in the Army National Guard, and an expert on the U.S. Constitution – to lead other 912 candidates and this great nation in the fight to restore our Republic!

RJ Harris 2010

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