Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Constitutional Conservatives, Patriots, Veterans…

Rarely will the Spirit of our Founders call upon us to defend freedom at the hour of our choosing…but when called we must answer and pour once more into the breach FOR LIBERTY! If you are ready to answer that call, then file to run for Congress in your district and join the Liberty Candidate Movement to retake the Congress. The body politic is waking up like no time since the founding of the Republic. Now is the time for you to mount a social networking campaign site and begin posting your positions on the issues. You don’t even need a dedicated website right away; Facebook or MySpace [pay pal/Amazon for your donations] will do fine for now. However, you must read the Constitution thoroughly while writing and articulating your positions and be ready to use that knowledge to answer questions from constituents/the media on the fly. You will find that the more you have the Constitution memorized, the more bold and confident you will be standing up for freedom, liberty and state sovereignty. Whatever you do, don’t give into the temptation to accept favors from lobbyists or the establishment. Stay true to the cause and the message and then expect that the supporters will find you.

I will do all that I can to help you but you must position yourself for the coming surge. In a few months time, the awaking wave of tea party patriots and town hall marchers will look to find citizen statespersons to vote for against the bailout voters, socialists, corporatists and big government progressives who have usurped power from the people. Money, power and privilege, the very strengths of the political class, will be their undoing in the next two election cycles for sure. Voters will look for those of clear grass roots origin with backgrounds of selfless service to support. Nevertheless, if you are not in the firing line when the smoke clears and the gap opens all will be for naught.

If you already have a real Liberty Candidate running in your district, Please get behind him/her and help as much as you can. We will accomplish so much more working together than helping the establishment by splitting up the votes. Your service will be remembered by the constituents you organize on behalf of the Candidate you support and your time to do more will come as those elected ahead of you move on to other tasks. And we will move on because there is a need for Constitutional Conservatism at all levels.

Those that have served with me in the field, now is the hour of your country’s need for which you have trained. Take up the cause and answer the call. The Spirit of the Founders is with us and under that Divine Providence; we will save the Republic and restore the Constitution.

If you are reading this YOU are the resistance.

RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
US Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District

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