Thursday, September 24, 2009

Join RJ Harris and help Bailout Liberty!

By Rob Work:

It was Liberty that inspired our Forefathers to settle in a land without undue encumbrances. It was Liberty that raised their guns in defiance of despotic rule. It was for the dream to maintain that hard won Liberty paid for with the sacrifice of blood, lives, and tears that our Forefathers instituted the Supreme Law to be that which ties the hands of government and protects our Natural Liberty. It was for Liberty that men fought to free other men from the shackles of slavery and it was the dream of Liberty that inspired a generation of people to stand against the oppression of unjust law.

Before we can understand what we have lost, we must understand what we had. In the beginning, even before we instituted societies, we had Liberty; it is the Natural State of humanity governed by Natural law. Natural Law’s demands are simple; it simply requires that no one person should interfere with another’s life, liberty, or possessions. Therefore, the Law of a correct society should only be that which is needed to protect those who follow the demands of Natural law, from those who do not. Then we are truly free to pursue our lives as long as we follow natural law.

When the laws of Government no matter the intent, proceed as to elevate themselves above Natural law, encroach upon and cross the line, no longer only protecting our Natural Liberty, but instead postures itself as to impose it’s will, claiming a place in it’s arrogance above Natural Law, and above the Sovereign people it is to Serve, it becomes the very essence of that which it was instituted to protect us against. It no longer serves Liberty, it suppresses it.

It is in this state we find our Liberty today, Trodden, abused, and oppressed. No longer can we pursue our lives in freedom, legal action is around every corner and even breathing may soon be taxed. The long reaching hand of government is felt in every corner of our lives, from the theft of our life through unwarranted taxation and the ideals of socialism and communism; to the simplest acts such as Lemonade Stands, Garage sales, Property ownership and development, the kind of speech we cannot use, where we cannot engage in religious speech or prayer, illegal warrantless searches, the oppression of gun ownership and right to carry, and even the policing of thought. These are just a few of the ways our government has put our Liberty in exile. We have seen the abuses of power that led to the bailouts of corrupt institutions, and industries which have been nearly destroyed by corrupt government mandates and special interests. It is time we realize, the only bailout we need, the only bailout that will actually work, is simple.

We must Bailout Liberty!

When we are free to pursue our lives in peace, we work, we save, we build, we create jobs, and yes, we spend.

Only through our direct involvement and contribution will those men and women who support Natural Law, our Liberty, and its protecting document The Constitution, have the opportunity to serve in such a bold yet humble way. It is their desire to Restore the Constitution and thereby Save our Republic, not only for themselves but for all Americans and our collective posterity. They are the new Jeffersons, Franklins, Paines, Washingtons, Hamiltons, Henrys, and they need our help.

RJ Harris is just such a patriot. He has vowed to never solicit campaign money from lobbyists or corporate interests; therefore, he is in need of our help. We find hope in RJ and he finds his in us. Surprisingly, it doesn’t require a second mortgage, or the emptying of a college fund to help. In fact, we are simply asking you to dedicate to give just a dollar a week, if you can do more, please do. RJ’s donation page has a convenient way for you to set up a regular monthly contribution. Please go there today and solidify your stand to help Bailout Liberty by donating to RJ’s campaign.;

Rob Work

We cannot know the hour when the Spirit of the Founders will call upon us to fight for Freedom and defend Liberty; but answer the call we must! Thank you Rob for this inspiring call to action.

RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
US Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District

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