Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Final Note on Mark Shannon

In regards to Mark Shannon’s half-hearted retraction of his potentially libelous allegations that RJ Harris is a "shaven headed Nazi", and in regard to Shannon's continued allegations that the Harris 2010 campaign supports 911 conspiracies; the campaign offers the following response:

Comparing our veterans and Mr. Harris to Lee Harvey Oswald, Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols is hardly any more appropriate or accurate than the original disparaging comment. Again, I am appalled that Mr. Shannon would be allowed to make such disparaging comments about our veterans from a respectable local radio station. Should KTOK not begin to take action about these heinous comments being made on their air, we may have to reconsider whether or not it deserves that label. No RJ Harris 2010 campaign volunteer was provided "Alex Jones" or "911 truth" DVDs by the campaign. Our flyers display the caption “paid for and distributed by RJ Harris 2010”, those DVD’s do not. Shannon most likely knows that the actions of random "supporters" are impossible to control. For him to criticize RJ for not "controlling" people is disingenuous at best. RJ has never stated that he believes in any 911 conspiracy. RJ has stated that these issues may have unanswered questions and that a full non-partisan investigation should always be completed in the wake of any controversial/catastrophic issue. A lack of transparency or fair investigations can lead to more conspiracy theories and a lack of credibility on the part of the investigation. Having a fair and open investigation helps to stray off any doubts. Lastly, our campaign has received zero complaints about our staffers and supporters being "obnoxious." However, given the ugliness displayed by Shannon on his radio show the last few days it hardly seems credible for him to level such a charge against anyone else but himself.

About these issues, Mr. Shannon is either lying or is miss-informed and we will have to leave it to the attorneys to figure out which one. On Monday's show Mr. Shannon made his real intentions clear when he argued that RJ was stupid for getting into an argument with a "drive time" radio host. This statement signals Shannon's potentially libelous purpose to destroy RJ and separates his on-air rant from legitimate free speech.

RJ Harris 2010
Constitutional Conservative Republican

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