Monday, July 6, 2009

Official Press Release


Oklahoma City Radio Talk Show Host, Mark Shannon, reportedly calls a two-time Iraq War Veteran a “Shaven-Headed Nazi” on KTOK’s Mark Shannon Show.

Oklahoma- July 7, 2009 - Mark Shannon, Radio Talk Show Host, reportedly referred to a two-time Iraq War veteran and U.S. Congressional Candidate, RJ Harris, as a “Shaven-Headed Nazi” on his Monday talk show airing between 4pm- 7pm weekly. He also reportedly accused Harris of accosting attendees at the Oklahoma City Tea Party event by handing out literature not relevant to a congressional campaign. Mr. Harris has provided the following statement regarding this matter:

“I am shocked and appalled that any Oklahoman would have such a low opinion of the veterans required to close-crop their hair for service in Iraq, let alone a radio talk show host on a respectable news station. Moreover, my campaign has received no negative commentary either at the tea party event or since that justifies Shannon as classifying our campaign literature distribution efforts as “accosting” or anything other than the distribution of legitimate congressional campaign handbills. Much to the contrary my campaign has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for being one of the only politicians that showed up to hear the demands of the people and answer their vetting questions. I fully appreciate the 1st Amendment right of others to air their opinions but have little tolerance for libel, slander, or defamation.”

Due to service obligations with the Army National Guard, Harris will be out of the state for the next three weeks. Any questions on this matter can be directed to Harris’s campaign manager Jonathan Gibbons 405-881-0951.

Mark Shannon is a radio host on the KTOK 1000 Oklahoma City


Jonathan Gibbons
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