Sunday, July 5, 2009

Liberty Candidates; Leading the Fight for Freedom

Despite attempts by local Establishment Republican Shock-Jock Mark Shannon to scare away the Republican Liberty Candidates from participating in the OKC tea party, the event was a resounding success for all participants including those candidates that showed up to listen to the concerns of the people and to answer questions. Oddly enough, none of the bailout voters attended the tea party. Moreover, no one showed any signs of angst that candidates, like myself, were present to hear from the people, answer questions and hand out literature. Maybe Shannon believes that since the bailout voting establishment candidates can't attend the tea parties, then their challengers shouldn’t be able to either? I am beginning to wonder if there is a concerted effort by the Republican Party Establishment and Shannon to keep the people from finding out about the Republican Liberty Candidates. After all, didn’t we chant at the top of our lungs on April 15th to "vote them out"? It seems only natural to me that those wanting to empower the people to make good on those demands should make themselves available at public gatherings so that they may be fully and fairly vetted. To do otherwise would be to follow in the same footsteps of those cowards that are unwilling to face and answer to their constituents for breaking their oaths to the Constitution and the American People.

To those that hosted the events and those that attended and asked the tough questions, I offer my deepest thanks and gratitude. You are why we, the Republican Liberty Candidates, are fighting this fight and I will be honored to carry your demands for the restoration of our Republic, the Constitution, and Oklahoma's sovereignty to Washington D.C. Please continue to see past the machinations of the establishment and their willing accomplices in the media. Together we can defeat their efforts to keep us addicted to incumbency.

Mark, in response to your derogatory comments about my campaign last week and your advice to not show up and hand out literature to the people who deserve to know who is running and why; I offer the following statement: The Republican Liberty Candidates stand ready to help the people make good on their demands to "vote out" the bailout voters. We are prepared to be vetted and asked the tough questions because we have studied the Constitution thoroughly. We do not claim to have "cornered the market" on absolute Constitutional interpretation as you say. However, unlike our opponents, we are building our platforms upon the Constitution and making them open and available to the public for discussion. Our great desire is that these pubic discussions will require that more and more people read the Constitution so that they can enter the debate. Through this process, it will be nearly certain that those that win office will be those that not only understand the Constitution but will also be those with the courage to defend it as required by their oaths.

Your attempts to scare me away from meeting with the people have failed and despite your advice to the contrary, I will continue to remind everyone I speak to that the incremental socialism that Tom Cole, Tom Coburn, Mary Fallon, John Sullivan, and Dan Boren voted for last fall amounts to taxation without representation as well as voting for our enslavement. I say taxation without representation because those not yet born and those not old enough to vote will be the ones left to pay the check and they did not have a say in this generational-spanning theft of their wealth. I say enslavement because legitimate government and taxation requires consent. Consent has been provided by the American people to be taxed for those governmental necessities enumerated in the Constitution. When we are taxed then to pay for unconstitutional expenditures, like the bailouts, we are forced to labor to pay taxes for those disbursements to which we have not consented. Just as the slave has not consented in the disbursement of his labor so too do we not consent to the disbursement of our labor to pay for bailouts. Furthermore, paying for the bailouts requires the transfer of wealth from the individual to the commons. Justifying this action requires that we agree that the state owns our labor and can take it from us when it wishes. If we do not own our labor, then we are slaves to the state. Thus, socialism is a form of slavery and is therefore not allowed under the 13th amendment.

Lastly, I am certain that you will take issue with me for naming the challengers to the bailout voters the "Republican Liberty Candidates." My preemptive response is to say that those incumbents that voted for bailouts, as has already been argued above, voted for our enslavement. Conversely, those candidates challenging the bailout voters are committed to upholding the Constitution and the individual Liberty and state Sovereignty it defends by its very existence. Thus, the challengers in this fight are indeed the Liberty Candidates who struggle for the people against the socialists and corporatists currently in power. Think about that the next time you have one of these bailout voters on your show while the both of you try to convince us that such a vote is really not as bad as We the People are making it out to be…because it is!

Here and now, we are demanding justice for the usurpation of the power we loaned to the likes of Tom Cole, Tom Coburn, Mary Fallon, John Sullivan, and Dan Boren for voting levies against us. And if our founders could fight a war to throw off this same tyranny from a king, then the present generation of patriots can certainly remove from office the modern purveyors of that tyranny. At the very least these bailout voters will face the wrath of a spirited 2010 election cycle. Wouldn’t it be great if the Oklahoma GOP would see them off in August 2010 before the Democrats get a crack at them in November 2010?


RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
US Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District

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