Wednesday, July 15, 2009

READ ME- Help Fight for our Freedom

With the two-party system, and corporate lobbyists and interests, having staunch control over our political system, it is vital that you, the grassroots, come together to help take back our country. Taking ten minutes to read and complete the following will help send one of us to Washington to fight the corruption.

Please email this to everyone you know and re-post this on your bulletins, blogs, notes, tweets, etc. In just under ten minutes you can help out the Harris campaign tremendously.

1. Add RJ to your friends, following, subscription, etc. on the following social networks:

2. Post RJ's avatar onto your profiles.

Simply follow that link, right click and save the image. Then upload the image to your social networks. It doesn’t have to replace your official avatar, but if you just upload it into your photos folder it’ll be seen by your friends.

3. Watch, Rate, Comment and share RJ's videos -

4. Join our email list - at the top of the page on

5. Donate $25 at

Don't wait for others to donate. We cannot win this without the help of everyone donating. If every one of RJ's friends on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter donate just $25 we'll raise well over $100,000. This $100,000 can help get us through the election. This will provide print, internet, radio, and TV advertising; we can win this race with just that $100,000. So for just the cost of going out for a good dinner, you can help contribute to a candidate of the people who will stand against this tyranny.

6. Call your favorite radio and TV shows and let them know about RJ.

7. If you are in Oklahoma's 4th District ... register to vote at the following link: and come out and volunteer for the campaign at

8. Re-Post this blog everywhere you can. Tell your friends and family to do the same.

This entire blog is located at and you can use this link to tweet and send in IM’s, Text Messages, etc.

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