Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tom Cole - a democrat in disguise?

Tom Cole voted for the 700,000,000,000 Bailout Vote

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 3997

Tom Cole voted to give Taxpayers Money to Planned Parenthood

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 4818

This was part of an $821.9 billion spending bill; even higher than TARP! Under Title II – “Department of Health and Human Services” this bill provided $288,283,000 for family planning projects which funded Planned Parenthood. Tom Cole claims to be pro-life but how can he be pro-life if he has voted to fund Planned Parenthood? This bill, enacted in 2005, the same year that Planned Parenthood performed more than 264,000 abortions (The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission), was clearly a great friend of the democrats and pro-choice advocacy groups. Read the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commissions article on this bill for more information

Tom Cole voted for the Nancy Pelosi Sponsored Stimulus Package

Proof of Tom Cole’s Vote - HR 5140

This was not only a spending bill, but it also perpetuated the coming mortgage crisis in the fall of 2008 by increasing mortgage limits for federal lenders (i.e. granted more credit for subprime borrowers). This bill was fully sponsored and co-sponsored by Democrats.

Tom Cole supports Federal Intrusion into Oklahoma’s Education – Support for Jimmy Carter’s “Dept. of Ed”

“I’d like to see No Child Left Behind get re-authorized. Many people are critical of it. But it’s been broadly successful. Test scores are up,” Tom Cole. This quote can be found here

HR 1388 – OBAMA’s GIVE ACT -
Another bill sponsored and co-sponsored completely by Democrats.


It is clear from studying just the few votes above, that Tom Cole is only a Republican in name and behaves as a Democrat. In fact, it is clear that Tom Cole has been a staunch ally to the Democrats since beginning his service in 2003. It only gets worse when you analyze Tom Cole’s financial sources

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