Sunday, July 25, 2010

RJ Harris the Pro-Life Vote

RJ Harris is an unadulterated pro-life constitutional conservative. As Harris’ position reads on his main website:

“The due process and equal protection provided by the fifth and fourteenth amendments to all persons, including unborn persons, makes abortion unconstitutional. Thus, I will support or propose legislation defining personhood as beginning at conception.”

RJ Harris goes into further details about his position at his extended position blogs here

As RJ Harris states in his issue, he would like to support or propose legislation which would define personhood as beginning at conception. So it should be abundantly clear that RJ Harris is 100% pro-life.

So we know that RJ Harris is pro-life, but what about Tom Cole? Tom Cole claims that he is pro-life and points to his “100%” pro-life voting record from the National Right to Life Association (NRLA). What he doesn’t tell you is that the NRLA doesn’t investigate all legislation to find pro-choice votes. The NRLA, with all good intentions in mind, typically only looks into a representative’s vote on specific abortion legislation.

As many have learned through the Obama- Pelosi Congress, career politicians tend to include irrelevant items in thousand page bills. Why is this important? It’s because Tom Cole voted to give $288,283,000 for family planning projects in an $821.9 billion spending bill in 2005. These family planning projects include Planned Parenthood funding. The bill is HR 4818 and the section regarding this funding is Under Title II “Department of Health and Human Services”. “The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)” has already done extensive research into how Planned Parenthood gets its funding. You can read one of their articles here

So when we have all the facts it is abundantly clear that Tom Cole is not pro-life and indeed does support Planned Parenthood. There is an old saying that “one should follow the money trail to discover ones true loyalties,” well when one person gives another person money, such as in a government spending bill, donation or the like, it is a clear endorsement of their cause and what they do. Planned Parenthood “performed more than 264,000 abortions in 2005.” (ERLC) How can Tom Cole be pro-life when he has funded an organization that performs hundreds of thousands of abortions?

RJ Harris the Pro-Life Candidate
Tom Cole the Pro-Choice Candidate

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