Wednesday, July 21, 2010


12pm Wednesday (July 21) – 11pm Friday (July 23)

Time is zeroing in on the election to send Constitutional Conservative Republican, RJ Harris, to the U.S. Congress to represent the people of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional district. There is less than one week left and RJ needs just $2,000 to complete his message dissemination to the Republican voters of Oklahoma’s 4th district.

We ask of all of you to make just one more small sacrifice to help send RJ Harris to D.C. Harris’s incumbent and Liberal Republican Opponent, Tom Cole, has launched a series of television and radio advertisements to try and trick the constituents of the 4th district into thinking that he is a Constitutional Conservative who listens to the people. All around the district there are grassroots organizers and supporters canvassing and spreading RJ’s message loud and clear. Every single voter who hears the message turns in favor of RJ Harris. The message is winning, and the people are waking up to the truth about their current Representative. RJ needs to complete this delivery to combat Tom Cole’s misinformation and to ensure a strong victory on July 27th.

We ask of you again to help us raise just that $2,000 to help finish RJ’s message dissemination over the airwaves and the like, so that we can send one more Constitutional Conservative Republican to U.S. Congress.

Please make your most generous donation at . This fundraiser will last from 12pm on Wednesday July 21 until 11pm on Friday July 23. It is absolutely critical that RJ receives this last $2,000 to ensure complete message delivery.

Let’s do it for Liberty – the RJ Harris Finale Fundraiser! Finale Promo Video

RJ Harris has received the endorsements of the following Liberty Candidates:

John Dennis Watch Video
Debra Medina Watch Video
Howard Houchen Watch Video

An advertisement RJ Harris will be airing to the Republican Voters of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District Watch Video .

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