Friday, July 16, 2010

RJ Harris Releases New Ad Exposing His Liberal Opponents Voting Record

RJ Harris, challenger to Incumbent Tom Cole, has released a new advertisement which exposes three of the major socialist-liberal votes cast by "Republican" Tom Cole.

The RJ Harris 2010 campaign has released a brand new advertisement which emphasizes Tom Cole's liberal voting record. The advertisement also concludes with emphasis on why Oklahoma Republicans should vote for RJ Harris. The three liberal votes by Tom Cole that are pointed out are his vote for the $700 Billion Bank Bailout, his vote for Nancy Pelosi's 2008 Stimulus, and his vote for a $821.1 Billion Spending bill in 2005 which funded Planned Parenthood.

It is re-emphasized that RJ Harris is a Constitutional Conservative Republican, a Champion of the Republic, a Defender of the Constitution, and a staunch ally of Individual Liberty and State Sovereignty.

The video version of the advertisement can be found here . Audio versions of the advertisement have been released to various outlets.

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